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How a Non-Profit Volunteer Turned Her Own World Around While Making Others Worlds Comfortable

If you know how it is to work for a non-profit company, then you will know that you dont expect to grow financially in this type of job. IF you are working for a non-profit company, then you are more concerned about how to make this world a better world for people around you. The story of Mariah below will encourage you to continue your work with all passion because success will just follow naturally.

The story of Mariah begins when she was a young girl of 7. The childhood that Mariah experienced was a fairly comfortable one with loving parents who provide all of their familys needs. There was no lack in the basic things like food, clothing, and shelter, and occasions were celebrated with gifts and nice food.

One day Mariah encountered a truly poor man wearing filthy rags on their way to the car. Mariah was not able to contain her pity when she was sadness in the poor mans eyes that she asked her mom to buy food for him. Hungrily the man ate the pizza with thankfulness in his lips, not having for many days.

Something began to change in Mariahs heart through that incident. She grew up bringing the passion of helping the poor in her heart. This led her to ask her parents to volunteer with her to work at a soup kitchen. In time, the family of Mariah began joining other programs that help the less fortunate people in their community.

However, her parents wanted her to realize that if she wanted to give away things, then she has to give away not somebody elses possession but something that she worked hard for herself. Yes, Mariah understood what her parents wanted her to realize so as early as 16 years old she took a job waiting tables at a restaurant.

Her earnings were divided half to the poor and half to her savings. Continuing her volunteers work, she now uses her own money to buy gifts to give away to children on Christmas.

One day her teacher encouraged her to start a blog on her work of helping the community which could bring inspiration to others to do the same. Then Mariah gave it a shot with the least idea of how to do it. It was tough for her promoting her blog since she felt herself a novice in these things. Read more here to learn about marketing and promotions.

Mariah, the blogger, was then born. Soon people were sending contributions to her blog. Now, she earns six figures a year for her blog and she gives half of it to charity.

Mariahs success story should encourage us to continue pursuing our passions and success will just come along the way.