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Time For A Change; 10 Things You Didnt Know Caused Spinal Pain
Back pains are very common and almost everyone has experienced them. 10 surprising things that cause spinal pain have been highlighted in the below discussion; avoiding them would do you a lot of good.

Poor Posture As You Sit
This is a very common cause of spinal pain. The effects might not be noticed immediately but after long and consistent periods of doing it they start showing. A poor sitting posture spots proper blood flow to the back muscles. This gives it unnecessary straining. You will know that poor sitting posture is the cause of your problem if your pain starts from your neck and slowly moves downwards through your back. A cervical spine stimulator is always the other option if your pain persists.

Cigarette Smoking
Smoking not only causes lung and heart problems, it also goes ahead to cause spinal pain. Smoking cuts blood flow to the spinal discs. The result is that the discs start to age prematurely and this causes pain in the back area. Maybe giving up on that cigar will avoid the need for a cervical spine stimulator.

A Worn Out Mattress
In case you feel pain whenever you wake up then it is your mattress that needs to be blamed. Having an old mattress that is too soft means that your back doesnt get the right support as you sleep and this results to pain. To solve this problem you should try sleeping on a medium-firm mattress instead.

Consumption Of Fatty Foods
Consumption of foods that have a lot of fats and processed sugars cause inflammation that leads to back pain.

Too Much Stress
When you stay stressed for a long time you can get backaches. Stress causes tension in back muscles and this is pretty bad since it eventually leads to spasms and aches. Stress avoidance can be done through yoga, meditation and enough sleep. If the pain persists you can always resort to a cervical spine stimulator.

Inappropriate Shoes
High shoes destabilize you by altering your center of gravity. You thus start walking while leaning forward and this stresses your spine. As a result you start experiencing back pain.

Long Periods of Sitting Down
The main functions of the human body are to stand and walk. Sitting for too long subjects the spine to a lot of tension which causes pain. Walk a little after sitting for too long to avoid back pain.

Carrying Heavy Bags On the Shoulder
When you lift heavy bags on the shoulder the back is put under stress. An unnatural spine curve results and this leads to neck and back pain. As you leave your home next time make sure that your bag is light. In case this suggestion doesnt work you can always try a cervical spine stimulator.

Avoiding Core Muscle Workout
The spine is supported by the core muscles. Weak core muscles exhaust the spine since it does its own supporting. This strain leads to back pain. Try simple workout routines once in a while to strengthen your core muscles and avoid back pain.

Too Much Smartphone Usage
Using a smartphone calls for one to hunch over the screen. Doing this for too long leads to back pain.
Try your best to avoid the above behaviors and if your back pain doesnt stop you could opt for a cervical spine stimulator.