Planning A Catered Brunch With Friends

In Singapore, brunch events offer traditional selections from breakfast at a later time. The opportunity allows friends to meet for dining events after a late night or after sleeping in on their first day off. Catering services provide a wide assortment of breakfast selections and beverages to accommodate the event.

Selecting the Right Breakfast Foods

When planning a catered brunch, the event planner must consider the preferences of the guests first. Brunch is served at a time in which guests could choose breakfast or lunch foods. However, planners who want to take a more traditional approach could choose breakfast selections only. Common options are French toast, Belgium waffles, and pancakes.

Setting Up High Tea or Choosing Cocktails

Select event attendees may appreciate high tea or cocktails during the event. Typically, the decision is made according to the preferences of the attendees. Tea and fruit juices are common selections for catered brunches. However, if the attendees prefer alcoholic beverages, the catering service can accommodate their wishes.

Adding Certain Treats to the Event

Treats such as sconces and pastries are commonplace for brunches as well. The catering services provide the treats according to the selections of the planner. The options could include honey-infused butter, jellies, and jams. All bakery items are prepared for the end of the brunch typically after all guests have consumed their breakfast selections. Some planners may include chocolates and other candies at the end of the meal.

Buffet or Fine Dining Options

The type of dining experience chosen by the planner defines how the event proceeds. A buffet-style event allows the guests to choose their own menu selections and portions. It is a more relaxed environment in most cases. Fine dining allows the guests to remain seated, and the waitstaff serves their meal to them.

In Singapore, brunch events provide friends the opportunity to eat delicious foods and catch up. A catered brunch event provides the guests with access to extraordinary menu choices that aren’t available at all local restaurants. When planning a brunch event, planners must consider the dietary preferences of all guests. To plan a brunch event now, planners can learn more about catering services by Select Catering today.