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Here is a Guide for Car Decal Installation from Start to Finish

Personalizing and sprucing up your car is something that is very much possible with all the options at your disposal. Adding a custom decal to your car is one of the easiest and most popular solutions to car customization. Of course, the use of custom car decals will require some more research and effort but no doubt the results will be awesome. Here is a step by step guide to help you add your own decals and you can always check it out here to have a look at the wide variety of car decals available.

Identifying the exact location that you would want to place your car decal is the very first step to help you with a successful installation. The best location is a flat surface whose texture can hold the dcor together. You can consider a body panel, a window or even the dash, just ensure the choice of decal you choose is made to withstand the elements of the spot it will be located. Step two simply entails dry fitting the decal to ensure it looks and is positioned exactly how you want it to be. Remember when you are dry fitting you are simply putting the decal on the spot with the backing paper intact.

As you dry fit, you might want to pay enough attention to the exact spot of the decal, so you have it centered and straight. You can always make use of a small level or even a tape measure so you can have the edges straight and centered. Armed with accurate measurements, you can then have the exact location of your dry fitted decal marked out using a tape measure to ensure the coordinates are accurate.

With your layout clearly defined, the next step is to prep the area to ensure the decal stays put for the longest possible time. Use a clean, lint-free towel and a fast drying solution like rubbing alcohol to wipe the area clean and dry. The next step would be peeling off the backing paper on your custom decal and this you can approach in two main ways. You can peel off the entire backing all at once or start peeling off partially at the beginning as you lay it over the marked surface. As you lay it over the surface, it is important to apply some pressure to the custom decal to avoid bunching it in the end. As you press down the decal applying firm pressure, you might want to ensure there are no bubbles so that the decal sets properly. Allow to sit for 30 minutes and your beautiful car dcor will be good to go.