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The Early Signs of Dementia that You Must Know and Not Ignore

Do you know one who is showing such strange behavior? Maybe it is your loved one or perhaps a colleague. This can be a display of a more serious problem. Know that these are signs of dementia which you must take note of and know more about. If one ages, there is a higher chance for one to get dementia. For all those people who are between the ages of 65 years old and 70, there is 1 in 70 chance of getting this kind of disease. For those who are over 80 years old, one out of four may have this disease.

The effects can surely strike hard when dementia would hit a person. It is just fortunate that when you know find this out earlier, then a doctor can help to slow down the effects of dementia. Get to know more about certain indications that you must take note so that you will be able to catch the effects of dementia at the early stages.

Something that you must notice in a person with dementia is that one doesn’t know how to perform such common tasks, particularly those that are easily done before. The tasks may include from starting up such dishwasher to unlocking the door or writing ones name. This can just be a small thing that you may notice. Probably, you will also forget how to get to such familiar location. This can definitely become worse and this may result to having issues with those really simple things.

Another early sign of dementia is having trouble in performing simple math. A person who has dementia may also find it hard to count the change or add those basic numbers which are easy to do at an earlier point in life.

The person may have problem in budgeting as well as spending when one is not able to do basic math. When such money habits change from before, then one should be seen by a doctor and know more about what is happening.

The person can have short-term memory loss when dementia would begin setting in. A person can forget such things that happened in the last thirty seconds. If the memory of the person seems disappearing into void, then one may have short-term memory loss. You must discover more about these things and observe them.

Also, it is a sign of dementia if one is placing items in weird places. When your loved one is doing such things without realizing the fact, then dementia may be at play. Every individual can be absent-minded at things once in a while but it is different if one is doing this on a regular basis. There are other signs of dementia that you should know more about so that you can detect the disease early in a person, including yourself.