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Discover What is At Stake Should you Decide to Drive Ten Extra Miles an Hour

Every road safety website states clearly that driving too fast is dangerous to all road users, you included. You have certainly heard of horror stories where a car mowed a person down since they were driving fast. Damage to the vehicle and worse still fatality cases are reported in the event of an accident that could have been avoided if the driver was not over speeding. The worst part is that most drivers still ignore the rules and exceed the speed limit. Most people will not go over speeding around quiet lanes, but wait until they are on the highway and think that ten miles over will do no harm. Here are a few of the things that will likely take place when you decide ten miles over the speed limit is nothing.

Of course, you will not be able to respond as fast as is required should something happen and you are over speeding. See, if you are like many other drivers, you spend a lot of time on the road judging the driving skills of other drivers, right? Should you see a driver swerving or driving dangerously, you will likely pull back or change lanes as fast as possible, right? However, you can bet you will not be able to react as fast as may be required in case you are over speeding. Rest assured even if you have exceeded the speed limit by ten miles, spotting such risks will be quite limited for you. By the end of the day, you may not react as is required when that careless or drunken driver accidentally pulls out on you.

There is also the increased risk of road debris in case a stone get flung at your windscreen by the vehicle in front of yours. Truth of the matter is, should this happen when driving within the recommended speed limits, such a stone will bounce off again with negligible damage. However, you can bet such a hit could be a totally different story if you are driving faster than you ought to. An apparent inoffensive part of driving could leave you with a crack or dent on your windscreen. Sadly, the rest of the journey will be affected significantly, and your wallet too as you start to think of a replacement. How about you read this auto glass info to know the urgency that is needed when it comes to buying a replacement as soon as possible? When over speeding, your ability to read and understand road signs is significantly compromised. It needs no mentioning inability to read road signs accurately can land you in hot soup.