5 Lessons Learned:

Renowned Lawyers Who Made an Impact in History

Attorneys should be given a lot of credit in their contribution of fighting for the welfare of human beings in society. The impact of lawyers in the daily lives of the people in the society might not be immediately recognizable, but they are essential. This is because significant policies and ways of lives are shaped by lawyers who craft and establish the laws. There can either be advantages or disadvantages on the people’s lives which can be as a result of the attorney’s actions and policies. The personalities described in this article represents some of the prominent lawyers.

The first famous lawyer of his time is Abraham Lincoln. He is well known by his nickname ‘Honest Abe’ because of his transparency with his clients and other people who worked with him. He was a very skilled attorney and is well known for the case where he references an almanac of the existing conditions to protect a murder suspect. He then went on to become the 16th president of the United States of America. Some of his achievements include some laws and policies which favored human rights.

Another well-known and reputable lawyer is Barack Obama. He is one of the icon personalities and attorney in recent history. His major accolade is the beautiful background he prides of. He became a senator and the president of the United States even though he was an African American. He is one of the most influential people to individuals and political, social and other entities at every corner of the world.

The third lawyer who left a mark in history is Woodrow Wilson. He is one of the most influential personalities of the twentieth century. His influence propelled his political career which led to him being the twentieth president of the United States of America. He was in the forefront of the first world war which happened during his presidency. He achieved his law degree from the law school in University of Virginia.

To conclude, you can never ignore the contributions of Barbara Jordan in the history of America. She overcame a lot of challenges to secure a senate position in the Texas state. She is well known for the speech she presented in the Nixon’s impeachment hearing which was very influential and received well by the people. The speech is among one of the best addresses in history. The Barbara Jordan speech is easily accessible on the internet, and you should probably read it to gauge a detailed perspective of why it’s so famous. Her success is well attributed to vigilance and hard work because the possibilities of her success were significantly reduced by racism and gender inequality at the time.